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District Kardzhali, Bulgaria.


Ideal fashion is specialized in the production especially of dresses, blouses, shirts, jersey and outfitting. The main principle in our work is to strictly follow the quality standarts and specific requirements of the customer.

Cutting is performed by traditional manual methods - laying, straight, servo-cutting and band knife. We have two cutting tables - length 12 m and width 1.7 m. each table is equipped with electric end cutter.

We use electric straight knives to cut the layers into smaller blocks and for precise cutting of the garment we use band-saw machine with air.
All the parts are being carefully measured and controlled, then coded individually for traceability.
In our cutting department the fusing is made on continuous fusing machines with precise adjustment of time, pressure and temperature.
Our cutting capacity per day is around 2000-2500 pieces, depending on the model.

Ideal fashion has the equipment to quickly answer high-amounted demand by wide and modern machine park.

We have all types of machinery for different stitches and also some rarely available which could be necessary in the production.
All our machines are maintained by experienced engineers.
Our sewing department is divided into three lines with 30 workers in each.
In every line there is a supervisor, a technologist and a QC, which control the whole production cycle.
Our production capacity per month, depending on the complexity of the model, varies around 35000-40000 pieces.

Ideal fashion's team of professionals makes samples upon the wish of each customer before starting the production of the model,
So that we could manage the whole production cycle more thoroughly and prevent any kind of fault.
Also we encourage all our employees to show initiative and creativity, continual on-the job training opens up new venues for the fulfillment of individual potential.
The warm contemporary work environment contributes to the friendly ambience that characterizes our company.










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